How to Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss?

Often we wonder if there is a lot of weight to lose, we may end up having loose skin once we reach our goal. Here we give you tips on how to avoid that ugly loose skin.

When combined with the right diet and exercise, our therapy can do wonders by helping you to lose unwanted fat. The natural approach to lose weight is in the long run the most beneficial to our bodies and CRYOBOD products are made to help the body to burn fat in a natural non-invasive way.

Loose Skin and Weight Loss

Our therapy, aside from diet to produce a caloric deficit combined with exercise, it has recently been acknowledged that cold exposure (cold thermogenesis) is a potent fat burner.  In other words, cold exposure aids in shrinking fat cells. This phenomenon is due to the need of the body to keep its temperature at 98.6 degrees F. Then when our bodies are exposed to cold, the body will do all it can to retain and maintain its temperature, consequently it will burn a large number of calories.

How to Tighten Loose Skin

The cold therapy helps you avoiding to get that loose skin, because while you are shrinking the fat cells,  the skin is getting toned up with the cold temperature, allowing you to get slimmer and firmer at the same time. Cold therapy is a great aid to tighten the skin, producing great results as you are slimmer and tighter.


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