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Get slim at home with CRYOBOD® fat freezing treatment!

Our products use the science of cryolipolysis to help you to burn fat naturally in the comfort of your home. Cryolipolysis is the science of freezing fat cells in your body to get a thinner body. In the past, to have this treatment, you had to visit a spa or specialized clinic to try this cutting-edge procedure called Coolsculpting (cryolipolyisis, localized cryotherapy or fat freezing), but now with our fat freezing belt, you can experience the same benefits in the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the cost! With just a short session every day, you can see impressive results.

Our fat freezing at home treatment is designed to tackle stubborn fat with easy to use wraps. Just place them in the area to be treated and your fat cells will begin to freeze, break down, and melt away for good. Also it will cause a boost in your metabolism and burn up to 400 calories per session. It targets the fat without harming your skin or other tissues, making it a safe, effective and gentle choice to lose fat.

How Our Fat freezing Works

The technology of our products works in 2 ways. First, by freezing the fat cells (as fat cells don’t like cold), when the cells get frozen, they die (apoptosis), then the body will naturally eliminate them in the next weeks, via the lymphatic system, as a result the fat will go away and you will have an slimmer body.

Second, is by producing a cold thermogenesis effect, in which by exposing your body to the cold, it will cause the body to use extra energy, increasing the caloric expenditure as the body will burn fat to stay warm. Consequently you will lose inches of fat. This effect is produced by the activation of brown fat cells, for more research information click here.

CRYOBOD® products have a great impact on other areas of the body like boosting the metabolism,  enhancing the adrenal and thyroid functions, reducing inflammation, improving sleep, lowering blood sugar and many other great benefits on a cellular level. Don’t wait any longer to have that sculpted body and get your CRYOBOD® today!


Studies from Harvard Medical School, the Nature journal Scientific Reports and also experts like Dr. Rhonda Patrick, and Joe Rogan confirm that by exposing the body to low temperatures, it gets forced to turn on the metabolic rate in order to achieve and keep its normal temperature at 98.6°F. As a result of the phenomena, there is an increase in caloric expense and the consequently a reduction in body fat.


  • Increase your caloric expenditure.
  • Effective belly fat burner.
  • Firm and tone up.
  • Boost metabolism.
  • Reduce and minimize cellulite.
  • Use it in the comfort of your home.
  • Safe treatment, non invasive, no side effects.
  • Medical grade materials.
  • Maximize your fat loss goals by forcing the body to burn fat in a safe and natural way.
  • We are so confident on the effectiveness of our product, that we offer *money back guarantee.


  1. TAKE MEASUREMENTS so you can monitor your progress.
  2. WRAP OUR FAT FREEZING BELT around your belly, secure it on the back, then relax, watch TV, read a book, or simply laid down.
  3. USE CRYOBOD® for 30 to 45 minutes, five days a week. Some results can be seen after one week of usage.
  4. TIRED OF DIET AND EXERCISE WITH LITTLE RESULTS? Our body wrap is an effective, simple and a great way to get rid of stubborn fat cells. Enhance your weight loss efforts, slim down and tone up from the comfort of your home.
  5. LOSE FAT IN STUBBORN AREAS. CRYOBOD® uses the science of fat freezing to help the body get rid of fat that seems difficult or impossible to lose.
  6. *Questions about CRYOBOD®, check our FAQS page.
High Quality Fat Freezing Products

❄️Our body wrap is made with the best technology to fit ergonomically on the body and to cover the upper and lower abdominal and waist areas, resulting in a very intense, effective and uniform fat loss result.

❄️With CRYOBOD® there are NO ice packets to insert or to replace.The high quality and durability of the materials of our products, allows you to enjoy the benefits of freezing fat cells at home treatment endlessly.

❄️ ELIMINATE LOVE HANDLES- and reduce dramatically the cellulite. Our belt helps reducing the size of the fatty cells while at the same time tones and firms up the skin while you lose fat.

Get your CRYOBOD® fat freezing belt today!!

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No Exercise Required

This fat freezing treatment is very effective, but if you want to take your fat loss to another level, working out a little is always good for the body. However it is important that at the moment of your treatment to be at the regular body temperature. So relax while you enjoy freezing fat cells at home treatment!

Save Tons of Money

The clinic based fat freezing, coolsculpting and cryolipolysis procedures cost a small fortune, and you have to attend up to their availability. Get similar results with our fat freezing at home treatment, for a fraction of the price and at your own time.

Improve Your Overall Health

Enjoy the benefits of the fat freezing at home treatment and also improve the function of  your adrenals, thyroid, inflammation reduction, sleep improvement and lower blood sugar.

Completely Natural

Our treatment is totally natural and does not harm your body. Neither has any side effects.

Cryotherapy at Home

Effective fat loss. Our body wrap conducts the perfect of amount of cold to produce cryolipolysis and burn fat in a comfortable way.

Long Lasting Product

Made with long lasting materials that allows you to have the fat freezing treatment again and again.

Permanent Results

CRYOBOD® fat freezing at home treatment produces a noticeable fat reduction in targeted areas.

No Need to Diet

NO need to extreme dieting. However the keto approach gives very fast results in combination with our fat freezing treatment.

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