Cryobod Fat Freezing Treatment

Fat Freezing Real Results

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Fat Freezing and Fat Loss

An astronaut from NASA for ABC: states that the potential of fat burning can be increased by 300% by adding ice therapy to a healthy diet and exercise. Studying the effects of temperature on astronauts, was discovered that the metabolism boost by 20% in environments as mild as 15 °C (60 °F) resulting in the expense of 500 calories, which is equivalent to a one-hour intensive workout therefore the fat freezing treatment is a very effective tool in the fat burning process.

Fat Freezing at Home and DIY Coolsculpting

Fat freezing at home is not the same FDA approved treatment developed by Zeltiq, however manages the same concept of cryolipolysis.

CoolSculpting and other forms of cryolipolysis have a high success rate. They are effective for removing areas of fat from the body, and have fewer side effects than other procedures, such as liposuction. This kind of treatment works because the fat cells are susceptible to cold temperatures with out any damage to the skin, consequently there is an important reduction of fat on the body and a firmer skin.

The cool sculpting price varies from $100.00 to $500.00 per session in comparison CRYOBOD fat freezing at home is an only a one-time payment and you can have the treatment as many times you want, in your own time and place.

It’s important to note these DIY Coolsculpting solutions are not FDA approved treatment and is important to consult a licensed doctor before beginning any form of medical treatment.

fat freezing


Lifestyle and other factors may also play a role. A person who continues to eat an unhealthful diet and remains sedentary while undergoing coolsculpting can expect less fat reduction.


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