Post Partum Recovery Kit


The Ultimate Post-Partum Fat Loss Set! Restore your sleek pre-baby figure in record time with our Post Partum Cool Sculpting Treatment Set, including a premium, steel-ribbed waist trainer & Cryo Sculpting Belt to banish post-baby cellulite, fat & loose skin without lifting a finger!



Post-Partum Recovery Kit

Perfect for busy new moms looking shed stubborn post-baby cellulite, fat & sagging skin. Our Cold Body Sculpting Treatment Set includes a sleek, comfortable waist trainer for everyday wear & fat-smoothing under clothes, together with our advanced Cryo Lipo Fat Freeze Belt to naturally spike your metabolism & target post-baby cellulite, fat & c-section lumps without hours of exercise & calorie counting!

Simply freeze our Cryolipolysis Belt & apply with our extra soft neoprene sleeve & relax for 40 minutes each day for effective, targeted post-baby fat loss, while using our waist slimmer under clothes during the day to help firm-up & tighten skin for instant, visible results!


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