Our effective waist trimmer, helps to burn that midsection stubborn fat.  It is very difficult to get a smaller waist only with exercise and diet. There is some kind of fat on our bodies that is almost impossible to fight.

fat loss

However investigations and research have discovered the impact of the ice or cold temperatures on fat and how the body react to it. The colder you get, the more your body has to work to heat itself up, and that extra effort will burn more calories.

1. Work out for 30 minutes every day, 10 minutes of warm up, 10 minutes of cool down. You can also clean up your house or do gardening.

2. Eat a balance diet, restricting your carb to 30 grams per day, zero sugars, and protein and green vegetable

3. Use CRYOBOD slim wrap to help you trim your waist. Also it will help you burning the fat over your core. You can use it 30 to 60 minutes per day, while you watch tv or read a book.

You will see in short period of time how your waist and belly fat start melting away!


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