Benefits Of Fat Freezing With CRYOBOD


Our Fat Freezing Wrap

CRYOBOD® has been created in an effort to provide a convenient fat freezing at home treatment. Our fat freezing wrap is made with the most advanced proprietary technology and materials to conduct the perfect amount of cold to produce a thermogenesis effect on the body, therefore producing a fat burning result, cellulite reduction and other proven benefits of  exposing the body to cold temperatures.

BAT Activation

The brown adipose tissue (BAT), is a unique kind of fat. BAT can generate heat by burning the white fat (adipose tissue), found on your stomach, butt, hips, and legs.

BAT is found in babies. Also, individuals exposed to frequent bouts of cold temperature tend to have higher levels of brown fat, which is the fat the body uses to generate heat and keep itself warm.

In conclusion by exposing the body to cold, it will cause a metabolic increase via forcing the body to produce heat to be at it’s optimum temperature.

Adiponectin Activation

Adiponectin Activation

The fat freezing treatment can raise the level of Adinopectin. This is a hormone released during cold exposure that breaks down fat and shuttles glucose into muscles. In other words, it can lower blood sugar. In addition it has an anabolic effect that will improve muscle recovery and repair. Studies show low adiponectin levels have been associated with obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. By elevating the level of adinopectin on the body, the fat burning process gets done more efficiently.


Boost Immune System

Enhance Immune System

Cold therapy increases the levels of immune cells that help fight disease and infection. The cold contact stimulates the body to release norepinephrine, a hormone that functions in the brain and body as a hormone and neurotransmitter, which induces electrical changes and increases the brown fat thermogenesis. In addition, the cold rises the number and the activity of natural killer cells, as a result the cold temperatures boost the integrity of the immune system.

Boosts Metabolism

Boosts Metabolism and Effects in Blood Glucose

Exposing the body to cold, increases the metabolism by a thermogenesis effect. The thermogenesis is mediated by brown fat, which converts fat to heat and keeps you warm without shivering. As a result the body will burn the stored fat as the fat burning process gets done directly and not via liver as it would be with diet and exercise.

Cell Longevity

Cell Longevity

The mTOR pathway is an intracellular signaling pathway, important in regulating the cell cycle. The inhibition of mTOR, can produce cell autophagy. As a result, the body cleans up the cells therefore, the cells will have longer and healthier lives. In conclusion, the exposure of the body to low temperatures has a positive impact on cellular longevity.